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    "We, at the European American Enterprise Council, have developed a unique ecosystem promoting Transatlantic collaboration and fostering innovation, entrepreneurship, investment, and trade. There is no stronger, tighter and savvier community out there supporting innovative technology companies looking at cross-Atlantic expansion. These companies can meet and work instantly with a select group of hands on, industry specific, professional marketers, business developers and experienced executives who can genuinely and concretely help these companies generate new revenues.”

    Sebastien Torre, President & Founder of EAEC USA

    Executive Chairman

    Jérôme Grandidier has been a French entrepreneur in Luxembourg for 25 years. He launched TLPO – Telecom Luxembourg Private Company first private operator B2B in Luxembourg, security and international datacenter solutions. He launched EAEC with the vision to boost the local startup ecosystem and provide entrepreneurs with high and personalized advisory.

    CEO & Financial Analyst

    Fundraiser and Project Manager, Elodie worked for the EIF (FirstAthens) and spent two years in Madagascar as Indian Ocean Manager for a French company. She is double master graduated in Journalism and International Finance which provides her with capabilities in marketing, communication, redaction on the first hand, and on the other hand in financial projections and budget planification.

  • Senior Advisor

    Senior Advisory, former Executive in international industrial, distribution and trading Groups, expert in Finance, with large experience in Business Development, Strategy and Organisation, acquired on the 5 continents.

    Cyril Dagand

    Senior Advisor

    Cyril has been employed at Luxembourg Telecom SA in the position of Chief Financial Officer and now joined the eaec team !

    Business Law Attorney & Corporate structuration

    Also known as Lydia, she has been studying business law in Strasbourg, she joined the team to write and examine documents, MoU, articles and contracts (contract law), business structuring assistance in Luxembourg (corporate law), conduct legal research and identify regulatory updates in several jurisdictions.

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    Stéphane Étienne

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    Marc Faust

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